Who we are

Aside of being an award winning Hospitality design Agency located in Brussels, Champels is a design team that gathers hospitality professionals as well as interior designers to create holistic and powerful projects.

What’s special about us?

As hoteliers, we understand that creating a hotel is so much more that a “nice design”. We integrate the commercial and operational strategy at the core of our concepts making sure to enable effective business tools as well as great places to work and stay.

Since 2014, we have gathered extensive experience on all ranges of hotel categories. From youth hostels to 5 star properties as well as eco-resorts, we have been trusted on large scale projects such as Mercure Han sur Lesse, Martin’s Château du lac, Royal Windsor by Warwick Hotels, Aloft Brussels by Marriott, Pairi Daiza Resort (The “Last Frontier” and “The land of the cold”) and quite a few more since writing these lines.

Pairi Daiza Resort Terre du froid chambre tigre architecte d'interieur interior design champels creative hospitality
Pairi Daiza Resort / Terre du froid / chambre tigre / TIger house / architecte d’intérieur / interior design